Jacques Ellul

This hour long video, entitled “Betrayal of Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul,” was produced by ReRun productions in Amsterdam.

Jacques Ellul was a French theologian/sociologist and anarchist. He first became well-known to American readers when his book The Technological Society was published in English in 1964. This book leveled a broad critique of technique, a term that means more than gadgets and machines—as the English word technology means. For Ellul, “technique” represented an entire way of life characterized by life fragmented so that efficiency ultimately rules over all ethical decisions. Ellul warned that technique was having drastic effects on all aspects of modern life. His books, Anarchy and Christianity, The Politics of God and the Politics of Man are two examples of how his political and religious outlooks mutually reinforced one another. Many Green Anarchists have cited Ellul’s work on technique as influential on their thought.

Here you will find the most extensive collection of Jacques Ellul’s works that is publicly and easily accessible anywhere (internet or libraries). He authored over 600 articles and 40 books, many of which are yet to be translated. This collection on Jesus Radicals brings together a significant portion of his writings, but is far from complete. It includes every article translated into English, except those that are reprints from his books and a few from the Ellul Forum.

Out-of-print books by Jacques Ellul available for reading:

Ellul, Jacques. The Betrayal of the West. New York: Seabury Press, 1978.

———. The Humiliation of the Word. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1985.

———. The Technological Bluff. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990.

———. The Technological System. New York: Continuum, 1980.

———. Violence: Reflections from a Christian Perspective. New York: Seabury Press, 1969.

———. What I Believe. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1989.

———. To Will and to Do. Philadelphia: Pilgrim Press, 1969.

Articles by Jacques Ellul available for reading (listed by date of publication):

1940′s and 50′s

Ellul, Jacques. “The Situation in Europe.” In Man’s Disorder and God’s Design, edited by Willem Adolph Visser ‘t Hooft, 50–61. New York: Harper, 1949.

———. “The Church and the Disorder of Society “. In The First Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Amsterdam, Aug. 22- Sept. 4, 1948, edited by Willem Adolph Visser ‘t Hooft, 35–48. New York: World Council of Churches, 1949. Ellul was part of the committee that prepared this report.

———. “The Cultural and Social Factors Influencing Church Division.” In Social and Cultural Factors Influencing Church Division 19–25. New York: World Council of Churches, 1952.

———. “On the Cultural and Social Factors Influencing Church Division.” Ecumenical Review 4, no. 3 (April 1952): 269–75.

———. “Information and Propaganda.” Diogenes 5 (1957): 61–77.

———. “Modern Myths.” Diogenes 6 (1958): 23-40.

———. “The Obstacles to Communication Arising from Propaganda Habits.” Student World 52, no. 4 (1959): 401–10.

———. “Propositions Concerning the Christian Attitude toward Law.” Oklahoma Law Review 12, no. 134 (1959): 134–46.

———. “Propositions Concerning The Christian’s Attitude Toward Justice.” 7: Unpublished paper distributed to John Howard Yoder’s “War, Peace and Nonresistance” class at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries., 1959.

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