the Iconocast: Jin S. Kim (episode 43)

December 6, 2012the Iconocast Collective

In this episode, Mark interviews Jin Kim. It is included both as a podcast and vidcast.

Jin is the founding pastor of Church of All Nations. Born in Korea in 1968, he came to the US with his family at age 7, and grew up in Columbia, SC & Atlanta, GA in multiethnic environments. He holds degrees from Georgia Tech, Princeton Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Seminary. He serves on Minnesota Council of Churches’ board, and formerly served as Presbyterian Church USA delegate to the National Council of Churches, as US delegate to the 3rd Lausanne Congress, as Moderator/Council Chair of Presbytery of Twin Cities Area, and as President of Presbyterians For Renewal. Jin has a passion for the ministry of reconciliation and a vision for the visible unity of the global church. His household includes his wife, Soon Pac, children Claire Nicea and Austin Athanasius, and Jin’s parents. He is an avid golfer, enjoys volleyball, basketball, racquetball, table tennis & Monopoly, and will one day pick up ice fishing…

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Intro and bumper music for this episode is All Along the Watchtower as performed by Jimi Hendrix.

  • Kevin Daugherty

    Absolutely amazing podcast.

  • Sue Scheuer

    I don’t believe they put a man on the moon. I think their cinematography was wonderful though.

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