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August 15, 2013the Iconocast Collective

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In this episode, Mark and Nekeisha interview Anthony Nocella.

Anthony J. Nocella II, Ph.D., author, community organizer, and educator is a Visiting Professor in the School of Education at Hamline University and Senior Fellow of the Dispute Resolution Institute at the Hamline Law School. Nocella is a scholar-activist grounded in the field of education and peace and conflict studies. He is internationally known for his innovative, transformative, and intersectional collaborations among fields of study, social movements, scholars, communities, and activists. He has published numerous books and is the co-founder of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies and Save the Kids.

You can download the episode here.

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  • trabis

    Critiques of green-anarchists were a little off base…

  • gabriel a. echeverri

    No, you cannot guarantee that 90 precent of green anarchists that hunt are out for the trophy game… what kind of statistic is that? How can you say that you can guarantee that? What green anarchists have you talked to, all machoed up and full of testosterone, who are downing 12 packs of natty light like my uncle joe before heading out to the lease, camping in a trailer and staking out the deer blind for a couple of hours until a twenty pointer walks up to the corn feeder? What a ridiculously uninformed and offensive statement, you’re a doctor, do your research or please, do not speak to things that you do not understand.

  • Schalk Venter

    As someone who’s struggled with acquired brain damage (and an anxiety disorder associated with the injury) since I was young, I found the discussion regarding mental disability and anarchism insightful.

    I’m extremely compelled by anarchist literature and thought. However, I can’t help but feel that issues regarding mental disabilities and also mental disturbances, such as for instance Schizophrenia, are often overlooked.

    And on a personal note, I’m also trying to figure out what a commitment to a radical life would look like in the context of someone who has trouble maintaining a ‘normal’ life taken for granted by most. Since it’s a given that the above require a certain degree of emotional strength and investment. And a lot of times elementary tasks such visiting friends or buying groceries seem to require more strength than I have available.

    I hope I’m not derailing the comment section. However input or reference to material that might be insightful would be greatly appreciated!

    Love from South Africa.

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