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June 9, 2014Administrator

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So, things have been slow around Jesus Radicals.  If you’ve been wondering what has been going on with us, worry not. We’ve been busy cooking up new exciting things for your pleasure including a brand, shinny new website with all new updated content that will hopefully reflect a deepened commitment to sharing and amplifying a diverse set of radical voices.   Excited about this?  Stay tuned for ways that you can help.  In the meantime, expect things to remain a little slow around here.  All the exciting stuff is going on behind the scenes and you may not see it rolled out for a little while here.

  • Anar15ch

    First off, i’m glad that you didn’t fade into nothingness.
    But I sure hope you don’t change the website too much, i’m sick and tired of people changing and fucking up simple websites.

    But I can only hope

    • Nekeisha

      Our designer Caleb Lazaro is doing an excellent job carrying over elements from this website design but updating it to address some of the things we’ve been hearing over the years. We’re getting closer to the finish line and I am excited.

  • irreverance

    Oh, I like new and shiny.

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