A War Lament

December 12, 2012Valerie Chapman

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Written for the Feast of St. Francis 2012

Brother Sun and Sister Moon, Father/Mother God and Jesus, Lord Jesus,
We Lament our complicity in war.

We mourn the loss of innocent lives; the creatures, great and small:
birds, bugs and stray pets scared and moving not quickly enough to live.
We grieve the children, our own and all begot of those we call “enemy”.
For wet blood pouring from open wounds and bones blasted into dust
We lament our complicity in war.

We pine for the land, the trees and grasses scorched, the buds that will never open,
Flowers wilted and crops that will never be fit to eat.
We wail with mothers and fathers who cannot stop the horror.
For soldiers coming back unhinged by what they’ve seen, and what they’ve done.
We lament our complicity in war.

We sorrow for the dreams that will never be, the hope for tranquility replaced
by tormented nights and fear-filled prayers that weary the soul
We admit our awful desire for the security of weapons and walls and strength
our failure to trust in God’s way of peace extended even to those who hate us.
We lament our complicity in war.

We bemoan our community of faith, that has perpetrated violence through failure to act,
praising the Prince of Peace with lips that kiss sons and daughters off to fight.
We weep for we are not strong enough to resist and shout aloud “No war is just!”
God have mercy on us and this time, may we accept your way, for surely now,
We lament our complicity in war.

  • Bruce Wright

    this so right on!

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